Welcome back, Cosmorex

Welcome back, Cosmorex

For 35 years and over three generations, the Sciannimanica family have been roasting quality coffee from all over the world and are proud to be Canberra’s longest standing coffee roasters.

In 2014, we entered an experimental period; the business moved in a new direction and we changed our name to Bean!Roasters. Now in 2019, we’ve moved through this phase and we’re very excited to announce that we’ve rebranded back to Cosmorex, acknowledging our family heritage, experience and passion for coffee.

Here’s to Cosmorex now and to the future.

What has changed?

You will see a lot has changed. Including:

  • Our logo.
  • Our brand.
  • Our new additions to our existing coffee range. 


What hasn’t changed?

Our values and what’s important to us remains the same, including:

  • Our staff. We are still a family-owned-and-operated business and we are surrounded by the same team of passionate coffee experts.
  • Our passion. We live and breathe coffee.
  • Our service. We are still passionate about providing our customers outstanding coffee.
  • Our awards. We are still Canberra's most-awarded coffee roaster and lauded as one of the premier coffee roasters in the Asia-Pacific market.
  • Our range of products and services. Some of our products and services have had a facelift but we still offer perfectly roasted beans, world-class coffee machines and fast and reliable coffee machine servicing.

Our new logo…

We’re proud of our heritage and our name and we want to show it off! We kept our logo clean and simple, with our name as the hero. The hand-drawn bean pays homage to the hand-crafted nature of our coffee.


Our new brand…

We’ve created hand-drawn illustrations to help tell our brand stories. Keep an eye on our social media, our coffee packaging and in-store to find out the stories behind the designs. We’ve also selected a variety of bold colours that will appear on our coffee blends, digital channels and in store.

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Our new coffees…

Our experienced roasters work hard at our onsite roastery, hand-crafting coffee’s ranging from bold traditional flavours to the more complex coffee’s that are floral and zesty with a hint of dark chocolate for decades. In 2019, we are adding new and exciting blends to our steadfast coffee range we offer. Our new and original coffees are available for purchase at our Fyshwick Roastery or online at Cosmorex.com.au.

See more about our wholesale coffee, including tasting notes


After 35 years in the coffee industry and taking time to experiment over the past few years, we are so excited to be back as Cosmorex with a refreshed look and feel.  We look forward to sharing this next chapter with our loyal customers and meeting new ones in the decades to come!